The Event



16 May 2019


The Principal, Manchester

Key topics:

Have you heard the one about the comedy night… – Hear from comic and pub gig specialist Kevin Dewsbury on the do’s and don’ts of organising a great comedy night.

Boxing Clever – Learn the logistics behind Arc Inspirations impressive new Leeds offer The Box.

Return to sender – MCA Insight’s Gareth Nash gives an overview of the delivery sector, and looks at the new opportunities pubs could delve into if they embrace it. If you can’t beat them – join them.

Crisis, what crisis? – Crisis management experts Simon Mowbray and Rob Metcalfe from Richmond & Towers will be providing advice on handling your business when the fecal ice hits the fan.

Let them eat grass! – Learn from some leading operators on how they’ve evolved their offer to adapt to the needs of the ever-growing veggie and vegan markets.

Employee Ownership – Co-operative evangelist Damon Horrill is building a business of principle. He talks about the opportunities, challenges and advantages of staff ownership, and why he sees it as the future.

Exit music – Building up a business is one thing, but when’s the right time to cash out? We speak to some operators who have been there & done that, and can share their experiences and advice.

Regeneration game – Dan Davies will be speaking about why pubs can play a vital role in regenerating the high street and his Rockpoint Leisure project which puts hospitality as an important part of the regeneration mix.

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