Edinburgh 2017

Taking place on the 14th September, this was the first time the MA500 has ventured north of the border.  The Scottish licensed trade has subtle differences to England and Wales, but a lot of the challenges remain the same.   We heard how those challenges are being tackled and what is really driving business across the border for Scottish operators.

Key speakers included:

David Hall, Managing Director, Beer Kitchen who is the man responsible for some of Edinburgh’s iconic venues who looked at the opportunities and challenges of operating in the city, how it’s changing from the influx of quality ‘London’ based operators and how local operators are adapting to this challenge.

Matt Lord, Participant Support Officer for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Society who gave an overview to one of the UK’s largest and most popular festival

Giles Smith, Client Services Manager at MCA giving an overview of the challenges and direction for the Pub Market through to 2020 and staying relevant in the face of changing consumer behaviour